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      CFC aniline
      Medicine & health product…
      Synthesized guanidinium f…
      Address: Hongsai Road, Ningxia Fine Chemical Base of Hongyazi Industrial Park, Pingluo County, Ningxia,
      ChinaZip code:753403
      Tel: +86-951-7688858
      Fax: +86-951-7688868
      Email: 410421200@qq.com
        Ningxia Jinhai Sunshine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Jinhai Sunshine Technology) is a fine chemical enterprise mainly engaging in the R&D, production and sales of downstream products of cyanamide and cyanamide based raw materials. The company is located in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Shizuishan City. It is near the yellow river in the east, adjacent to Helan Mountain in the west, 80km from Yinchuan, the provincial capital. It is both an abundant land in "fertile Ningxia near the Yellow River" and also a strategic town in the northwest, rich in coal, electricity, limestone, silica resources and enjoying convenient transportation created by Baotou-Lanzhou Railway and State Roadn109.
        Established in 2015, the country covers an area of 110,000m2, with more than 100 employees. Among them, professional technical personnel accounted for 15%, including 1 chief engineer, 2 engineers, 2 assistant engineers and 12 technicians. Based on the rich resources of Ningxia, Jinhai Sunshine Technology fully implements scientific development concept, adheres to the road of sustainable development, committed to build the fine chemical circular economic industrial chain with the leading products of pharmaceutical intermediate cyanamide......
      Congratulations to the …(1073) [4.6]
      Ningxia Jinhai Sunshine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. All rights reserved
      Address: Hongsai Road, Ningxia Fine Chemical Base of Hongyazi Industrial Park, Pingluo County, Ningxia, ChinaZip code:753403 Tel: +86-951-7688858 Fax: +86-951-7688868 Email: 410421200@qq.com